The herpes simplex virus, also known as HSV, is an infection that causes herpes.Herpes can appear  in various parts of the body,most commonly on the genitals it mouth.

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There  are two types of herpes virus.

1) HSV-1 also known as oral herpes, this type  can cause  cold sores or fever blisters  around  the mouth  and on  the face.

2) HSV-2 this type  is generally responsible for genital herpes outbreaks.


The  HSV is a contagious virus  that can be passed  from person  to person through direct contact. Children will  often contact  HSV-1 from early contact with with an infected adult. They can carry the virus  with them for the rest of their lives.

MODE Of Transmission

HSV-1 Infection with HSV 1can happen from general  interaction  such as

1. eating from the same  utensil.

2. sharing lip balms

3. kissing

The virus spread  more quickly  when an infected person is experiencing an outbreak. 30% to 90% of adults are seropositive  to HSV1.though they may never  experience an outbreak. It’s  also possible to get genital herpes from HSV 1 if someone  who performs oral sex had cold sores during that time.


Is contacted through forms of sexual contact with a person who has HSV2.while HSV 2 infection  are spread through contact with a herpes sore,most people  get HSV 1 from an infected person who is asymptomatic  or does not have sores. Anyone can be infected with HSV regardless of age. Your risk is based almost entirely on exposure to the infection.

In cases of sexually transmitted HSV, people are at risk when they participate in risky sexual behavior without the use of protection,such as condom. Other risk factors  for HSV 2 includes

1) Having multiple sex partners.

2) Having sex at a younger age.

3) Having another  STI.

4) Having weak immune system.

If a pregnant woman is having an outbreak of genital herpes at the time of childbirth it can expose the baby to both types of herpes and may put them at risk of serious complications. babies with birth acquired herpes get the infection from mothers who are infected with genitals herpes. Birth acquired herpes is sometimes also called congenital herpes.infants who are born with herpes may have a skin infection,a system wide infection (systemic herpes) or both. Systemic herpes is more dangerous and can cause a variety of serious issues,ranging from braindamage,breathing problems to seizures.

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It is important to understand that someone may not have visible sores or symptoms and still be infected  by the virus,and they may transmit  the virus  to others.symptoms associated with this virus includes

1) Blistering sores(in the mouth  or on the genitals)

2) pains during  urinating (genital herpes)

3) itching

4)swollen lymph nodes

5) headache

6) fever

7) Tiredness

8) lack of appetite

HSV can also spread to the eyes causing a condition  called herpes  keratitis. This  can cause symptom such as eye pain, discharge  and a gritty feeling in the eye.


In order to prevent the spread of HSV,the follow  steps should be taken.

1) Try to avoid physical    contact with other people.

2) Don’t share any items that can pass the virus around such as cups,towel, clothings,makeup or lip balm.

3) Don’t participate in oral sex, kissing or any other type of sexual activity during an outbreak.

4) Wash your hands thoroughly and apply medication with cotton swabs to reduce contact with sore.

People with HSV 2 should avoid any type of sexual activity with other people during outbreak. If the individual is not experiencing symptoms but has been diagnosed with the virus a condom should be used during intercourse but even when using condoms the virus can be passed to a partner from uncovered skin. Women who are pregnant and infected may have to take medicine to prevent the virus from infecting their unborn babies.

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